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Center for
Materials at Irradiation and Mechanical Extremes
A BES Energy Frontier Research Center

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What are EFRCs?

  • Energy Frontier Research Centers address energy and science "grand challenges" in a broad range of research areas, which were defined through a series of technical workshops conducted by the DOE's Office of Science, Office of Basic Energy Sciences. The 46 EFRCs were selected from a pool of some 260 applications received in response to a Funding Opportunity Announcement issued by the DOE Office of Science. Selection was based on a rigorous merit review process using panels of scientific experts from all over the world.
  • A combination of the FY 2009 Federal Budget and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 funds the EFRCs. Of the 46 EFRCs, DOE plans to fund 30 annually for five years at a total cost per year of $100 million, and 16 are forward-funded for the full five-year award period with $277 million of Recovery Act funds. In all, DOE has delivered $377 million to the EFRCs in Fiscal Year 2009. The EFRC program represents a planned DOE commitment of $777 million over five years.
  • Complete list of EFRCs, funding amounts (pdf)


  • LANL has two of 46 new DOE multimillion-dollar centers meant to enlist the talents and skills of the best American scientists and engineers to address current fundamental scientific roadblocks to U.S. energy security. The other Los Alamos EFRC is the Center for Solar Photophysics. Los Alamos scientists are co-investigators in five other centers led by other institutions.

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