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Center for
Materials at Irradiation and Mechanical Extremes
A BES Energy Frontier Research Center

G. R. Odette

Professional Preparation
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Materials
University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA 93016
odette@engineering.ucsb.edu , 805-893-3525

1965 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Engineering Science, B.S.; 1968 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Nuclear Engineering, M.S; 1971 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Nuclear Engineering, Ph.D.

Professional Appointments (UCSB)
1970-91 Assistant, Associate and Full Professor of Nuclear Engineering; 1985-present Professor of Materials; 1991-present Professor of Mechanical Engineering; 1988-89 Chair Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering; 1990-92 Acting Dean College of Engineering; 1994-99 Chair Department Mechanical and Environmental Engineering

Selected Recent Professional and Advising Activities:
Founding member, past chair, current executive committee International Group on Radiation Damage Mechanisms, 1987-present; Chair, Advanced Alloys Subtask Group, DOE National Advanced Fusion Materials Program 2001-present; Editorial Advisory Boards - Journal of Nuclear Materials and Journal of ASTM International (Nuclear Science and Technology); General Chair Twelfth International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials, 2005, Santa Barbara, CA; Co-organizer First International Workshop on Measuring, Modeling and Managing Helium in Irradiated Materials PSI Switzerland; University of Michigan Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences Advisory Board, 2009-present.

Selected Honors and Awards
American Nuclear Society (ANS) Materials Science & Technology Division, Outstanding Achievement Award (1995); ANS Mishima Award (1998); Fellow ANS (1998); ANS Materials Science and Technology Division Best Paper in 2003 Award (2004); TMS Symposium RPV Embrittlement and Fusion Reactor Materials: Measuring, Modeling and Managing Irradiation Effects in honor of G. R. Odette’s contributions on the occasion of his 65th birthday (2009); North Carolina State University Nuclear Engineering Department Distinguished Technical Lecturer (2009).

Ten selected recent publications on advanced alloys
D. T. Hoelzer, J. Bentley, M. A. Sokolov, M. K. Miller, G. R. Odette and M. J. Alinger, "Influence of particle dispersions on the high-temperature strength of ferritic alloys", J Nuc Mat. 367-370 (2007) 166.

M. J. Alinger, B. D. Wirth, H.-J. Lee and G. R. Odette, "Lattice Monte Carlo Simulations of Nanocluster Formation in Nanostructured Ferritic Alloys", J Nuc Mat. 367-370 (2007) 153.

T. Yamamoto, G.R. Odette, P. Miao, et al. "The transport and fate of helium in nanostructured ferritic alloys at fusion relevant He/dpa ratios and dpa rates"J Nucl Mat. 367-370 (2007) 399

R.J. Kurtz, G.R. Odette, T. Yamamoto, D.S. Gelles et. al: The transport and fate of helium in martensitic steels at fusion relevant He/dpa ratios and dpa rates, J Nuc Mat. 367-370 (2007) 417

P. Miao, G. R. Odette, T. Tamamoto, M. Alinger and D. Klingensmith, "Thermal Stability of a Nano-structured Ferritic Alloy", J. Nuc. Mat. 377:1 (2008) 59

G.R. Odette, M.J. Alinger and B.D. Wirth, "Recent Developments in Irradiation Damage Resistant Steels", Annual Review of Materials Research 38 (2008) 471

M. J. Alinger, G. R. Odette, and D. T. Hoelzer, "On the Role of Alloy Composition and Processing Parameters in Nanocluster Formation and Dispersion Strengthening in Nanostuctured Ferritic Alloys", Acta Mater. 57 (2009) 392

Y. Jiang, J. R. Smith, G. R. Odette, "Formation of Y-Ti-O Nanoclusters in Nano-structured Ferritic Alloys: A First Principles Study", Phys. Rev. B 79, article # 064103 (2009)

M. J. Alinger, S. C. Glade and B. D. Wirth, G. R. Odette, Y. Nagai and M. Hasegawa, "Positron Annihilation Characterization of Nanostructured Ferritic Alloys", Mat. Sci. Engr. A (2009) 518:1-2 (2009) 150

Y. Jiang, J. R. Smith, G. R. Odette, T. Yamamoto, G. R. Odette, P. Miao, D. J. Edwards, R. J. Kurtz, "Prediction of Structural, Electronic and Elastic Properties of Y2Ti2O7 and Y2TiO5" Acta Mater. (2009) accepted.

G. Robert Odette holds a joint appointment as an above-scale Professor of Materials and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), where he directs the Materials Reliability and Performance and Group. His research focuses on developing robust methods for predicting the performance, reliability and lifetime limits of materials and structures in extreme environments, and developing new high performance materials, especially for nuclear fission and fusion energy systems. His research closely integrates experimental and modeling studies of microstructural evolutions that take place during long-term service in hostile environments, using a variety of state-of-the-art computational and experimental tools. The consequences of atomic to meso-scale structural evolutions to deformation and fracture are modeled and assessed by innovative testing methods that he has developed, including miniaturized specimens and advanced micromechanical models. Professor Odette has authored or co-authored more than 240 technical publications, including 165 papers listed in ISI and 30 in the archival ASTM STP publication series. His honors and awards include: the ANS Distinguished Achievement Award in 1994, Fellow of the ANS in 1998, the ANS Mishima Award in 1998 and the ANS Outstanding Paper in the Field of Nuclear Materials 2004. In February 2009 a TMS Symposium - RPV Embrittlement and Fusion Reactor Materials: Measuring, Modeling and Managing Irradiation Effects - was held to honor G. R. Odette’s scientific contributions on the occasion of his 65th birthday. Professor Odette has served as the chair of two departments at UCSB and as the acting dean of the College of Engineering. His professional activities have included memberships on a number of national and international government and academic institutional advisory committees, international meeting organization and consulting on a wide range of topics.










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